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Happy New and Welcome to 2018

Hi everyone

Happy New Year and our best wishes to you for 2018 ! 
We hope you have managed some time off to recharge over the holiday season. 

This is the latest news from Mortgage Group and if you didn't know, we're really active on our social media channels, in particular FaceBook and you will find some helpful articles about property and finance in New Zealand amongst other interesting stories so follow us for weekly posts and updates.

We are back to work this week and are here for you if 2018 is your year to:

  • First Home Buyers
  • Upsize
  • Downsize
  • Refinance
  • Purchase a business or Asset
  • Invest
  • Refix lending
  • All of the above!

 If you are and want some great advice then we would love to chat. 

We're excited for a big year in 2018, we usually start the year setting both goals for our personal lives but also our business. 2018 is looking exciting,  especially when the Reserve Bank announced an easing of monetary policy to allow Banks a greater amount of money for buyers in the housing market, we hope to be able to be a part of your year in some way and helping you achieve your financial goals.

Feel free to reach out anytime via email, phone, Facebook or we'd love to hear from you.

Martin Eagle